Damascena had a lot to say about The Troubleshooter on Amazon.com:

"Very occasionally, when I finish a book which is so good that it leaves me speechless, my reaction is a sharply indrawn breath, and a whispered ..."Oh ... my ... God!" That is the reaction I had at the end of this book. For one thing, Mr. Camacho is a stellar story teller. He grabs you in the first chapter, and keeps tight hold of you, never letting your attention wander until the very last word. He is a master of his language, too, with a well paced straightforward writing style that has few literary flourishes, but is never *ever boring or awkward. He can move gracefully and completely between fast paced action scenes, introspection on the part of his main characters, romantic encounters and humor. While I have absolutely no first hand experience with fighting of any kind, and know little about Martial arts, there is a fight scene near the end of the book that is one of the 2 best I've ever read. the other one was in Frank Herbert's Dune. But, after I read this scene and let out my held breath and unclenched my hands, my immediate thought was that in order to write a fight scene *that* well, the author either studied a *lot* about the subject ...or should just have his entire body registered as a lethal weapon!

The characters in this book are absolutely delightful, and the hero is ...well, a hero in the best sense of the word. He can't do anything and everything (although he comes pretty close), and he isn't the most gorgeous man in the world (maybe 3rd or so). He's very, very human, and that makes him believable, even when he is raising havoc and destroying opposition right and left ...with both fists and both feet. He worries. He doubts. He gets tired and angry and frustrated ...but his attitude to life is positive, and he really does care about people, and they end up caring about him, as well.

The location of this book is in the Washington, DC area, specifically in Anacostia. though I've never been in that neighborhood, it was painted in such a lifelike and sympathetic way that it was as real to me as the neighborhoods in which I've lived.

This book is a prequel to an already existing series, and in writing it after some of the other books were written, the author had a few advantages. He and his main characters were well acquainted, so the book reads almost like a memoir rather than an introduction. He also knew where the story is headed, and fit the prequel into his time line and action line beautifully. In short, this is a great book by an awesome author!"


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