A pair of articles in today's L.A. edition of examiner.com

Wow. I was prolific today, but couldn't resist responding to a press release sent to me by award-winning author and poet Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

Are you an artist or photographer? Carolyn and her co-author Magdalena Ball are holding a cover art contest for their upcoming chapbook entitled Deeper Into the Pond: A Celebration of Femininity.  It is the fifth in a series.


LINK: http://exm.nr/chapbook-LA


Writers Tricks of the Trade is about “writing tight” today, and filled with tips and hints.


LINK: http://exm.nr/writetight-LA


Happy reading and have a good weekend.




http://exm.nr/MorgansColumn-LA (Los Angeles edition)

http://bit.ly/MorgansColumn (Las Vegas edition)

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