Now in its third year in paperback, I'm delighted to see today that A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper is still attracting readers, showing up at #3 in the Bestselling Jack the Ripper Crime/Fiction books chart at

I'd thought sales had slackened off, but with the film of the book now in development by Thunderball Films (L.A.) in collaboration with Masterplan Films (U.K.), and casting for the major parts underway, I'm over the moon to see the book doing so well again.

For details of A Study in Red and its sequel Legacy of the Ripper, please visit my website at

The books are available from as well as from the publisher, Double Dragon Publishing and all good bookstores.

The third and final part of my ripper trilogy, Requiem for the Ripper will be available, later this year, again from Double Dragon Publishing.

A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper by Brian L Porter tells the story of Robert Cavendish, a modern
day psychiatrist who is bequeathed a strange set of papers which purport
to be the journal of the long-dead infamous Whitechapel Murderer whose
crimes gripped the hearts and minds and instilled terror on the streets
of Victorian London. As he begins to read the journal, Robert becomes
convinced of it’s authenticity and finds that the words of the Ripper
have a strange and compelling effect on him. Unable to cast the pages
aside he finds himself being drawn into the dark and sinister world of
the killer until he is unable to distinguish what is fact and what is
fantasy. In short, Robert Cavendish begins to feel as though he is being
taken over in some way by the soul of the long-dead Ripper. What
happens as he progresses through the journal will disturb and shock the
reader as the close dividing line between sanity and madness is explored
to the full.

Jack Thomas Reid, nephew of Robert Cavendish who first appeared in A Study in Red – The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper languishes in the
secure Ravenswood Psychiatric Hospital, sentenced to confinement ‘at Her
Majesty’s Pleasure’ for a series of apparent ‘Jack the Ripper’ copycat
killings in the picturesque English coastal resort of Brighton. Jack’s
defence at his trial, that he is a descendant of Jack the Ripper and
that the crimes were conducted by an unknown ‘mystery man’ and that Jack
was drugged and made to appear as the killer was regarded as so
preposterous and unbelievable that his sentence was never in doubt. When
one of the policemen who conducted the original investigation into the
murders begins to doubt the truth of the case against Reid, Sergeant
Carl Wright and Ripperologist Alice Nickels begin an investigation into
his story. What they find is told through the voice of Doctor Ruth
Truman, Jack’s psychiatrist at Ravenswood, and through a series of
events that take place as far afield as the beautiful island of Malta
and in Warsaw, Poland. Slowly but surely and with the help of Wright’s
boss Inspector Mike Holland, the link between the events that shocked
and terrorised Whitechapel over a century ago, and their link with the
case of Jack Thomas Reid and the ‘Legacy of Jack the Ripper’ is

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