I have released a PI novel for Kindle, A Small Sacrifice. From the description on Amazon:

Detective Nick Forte is not impressed when Shirley Mitchell asks him to clear her son’s name for a murder everyone is sure he committed. Persuaded to at least look around, Forte soon encounters a dead body, as well as the distinct possibility the next murder he’s involved with will be his own. Clearing Doug Mitchell’s name quickly becomes far less important to Forte than keeping references to himself in the present tense.

Nick Forte has been kicking around my hard drive for a while; he's the character I cut my writing teeth on, an appears as a "guest star" in Grind Joint, to be released by Stark House in November. 

A Small Sacrifice is currently available for $2.99 (or whatever the equivalent is in Amazon's over..., as well as part of the KDP lending library program.

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Comment by Dana King on August 16, 2013 at 1:14am

Thanks for asking, Col. I'll run them all down.

Wild Bill is a standalone. It has nothing to do with any of the other books.

A Small Sacrifice is a PI novel set in Chicago, the first of a series.

Worst Enemies is the first volume of what I call the Penns River series, about a small town near Pittsburgh. Grind Joint--the dead tree book that comes out in November--is Book 2 of this series. The PI from the Chicago-based series is the cousin of the primary detective in Penns River, and appears as a "guest star" in Grind Joint.

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