A Visit to the Vatican by Margot Justes

I booked a tour to the Vatican, for my next visit I will buy
tickets ahead of time and go on my own. Spend time at my leisure and not worry about

We had 10 minutes in the Sistine Chapel, that was just about
enough time to walk across the rectangular Chapel, try not to bump anyone in
the process and barely see the ceiling, much less the walls.

That being said, the Chapel is stunning. As I looked up at
the magnificent ceiling I wondered how Michelangelo could survive such an ordeal,
to create those stunning images laying on his back for hours on end. The nine
frames on the ceiling tell the story of creation , Adam and Eve and Noah. The
altar wall depicts the Last Judgment, filled with fire and brimstone.  The Chapel simply takes your breath away.

St. Peter's Basilica is enormous, everything is made from
marble, it is magnificent and filled with unbelievable treasures, chief among
them is Michelangelo's deeply moving Pieta.
Now hidden behind glass and high enough to keep people from getting too close.

My first view of the Pieta was many, many years ago and back
then you could get close, within touching range, but an idiot took a hammer to
the Pieta and caused quite a bit of
damage. Now it is protected from harm and humanity.

Vatican is a living, breathing museum and very little can be
seen in five hours, when you take into account the enormous size of the place
and the multitude of visitors, and let's not forget the tour group you're with.

What I should have done was stay on my own after the tour
ended, but I didn't think of it until after I got back.  By the time I got back to the hotel it was almost
three in the afternoon, I was tired and hungry- heaven forbid I should miss a
meal-so I went up to the terrace restaurant and had a delicious late lunch.

Till next time,

Margot  Justes

A Hotel in Paris


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