No, not THE Limbo. My back would never tolerate that. I've been IN limbo. Due to circumstances I ended up in a house far away from my home, waiting for its new occupants to arrive and take over. It was supposed to be a brief stay, but mechanical difficulties, too much to do in too little time, and even a wayward cat delayed them, and we were stuck for a full week. To top it off, they had all the furnishings: we had no TV, no phone, no Internet, no stove, and one of those dorm fridges that hold two cans of soda and a small block of cheese. And it rained. It was like camping without the scenery.

It should have been a great incentive to write, but somehow that didn't happen. We were busy with getting-the-house-ready chores, and besides, the other half of my life, the half who is NOT a writer, had nothing to do, so my main job was entertaining him. I don't know how many book he went through, but even that was tough because we also had no comfortable chairs.

But we're home now and everyone is settled in. I guess that means I have no more excuses. I've got to write down what's in my head.

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