I blogged over at Another Day in the Word Factory about how much I love to write and yet how inventive I can be when it comes to putting writing off. Sometimes the hardest thing to do can be the simplest - sit down with a pen and paper and use the former to put words on the latter, or start typing on a keyboard and see the screen gradually fill up.


I always used to write a first draft longhand. Part of the ritual of starting a new project would be going to buy a new notebook to write it in. These days I more often write direct onto computer. I remember reading somewhere (although I can't remember where) that the different approaches to writing engage different parts of the brain. Yesterday, when I was stuck and nothing would come, I put the laptop down and went to sit in my favourite 'watching the world go by' seat with a pen and some scrap paper. Sure enough, half an hour later I was back in business, ideas flowing and words lining up.


I guess we all have our tricks for kick-starting the creative process. I'm just grateful when it all starts to come together, no matter what it takes to make it happen!



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