Andy Belmas is a writer in the Stevens Point area who was looking to interview a book author for his college class. Or master's class. At any rate, he seems to be a student of something somewhere. I wound up talking with Andy yesterday about "Cleansing Eden."

We ate lunch and chatted about writing "Cleansing Eden." I did my best to explain things between bites of a bacon, cream cheese and green chile (BCCGC) sandwich. Don't knock those flavors until you try them, but definitely bring gum if you're going to eat spicy foods. Andy's poor digital voice recorder is probably scorched from the inside out.

We started by talking about what the book is about. For an author, it's nearly an impossible question. Sure, I can boil it down to a couple sentences, but I want to give this book justice. That means talking with my hands for 30 minutes. Since my hands were wrapped around a BCCGC sandwich, it didn't seem like a good idea. And no one wants to start a food fight in their first book interview.

Anyway, I boiled the points down to the basics. I also went into the general message of the book. In a nutshell, it's about shedding positive and negative influences to form a true identity of self. For example, if people watche Oprah and act on what they watched, they've traded a part of their own identity for that of Oprah's.

Sound confusing? I can explain it better in 71,000 words. But you'll have to wait until Nov. 4.

The interview went well. I'll try to get Andy's final product up on the site for everyone to see.

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