Amazon set to launch services in India next year

Amazon, for all its shortcomings has been very good to me. This year with Amazon, my novels in both the UK and here in the USA have taken off. It happened in February and March. Especially Into the Basement, it has shot to number 1, in kindle>graphic novels>horror in both countries. We all know someone if not ourselves that own an ebook reader. I use an ipad and access books through the Kindle app and ibooks.

But something else is happening that has a huge potential for an author’s income. Foreign markets are opening up. Most of you know earlier this year Amazon opened up book distribution to Germany. Now they are going into India. I need translators…

I was very lucky this year; a Turkish publisher approached me. They have edited, translated and given Into the Basement, a new title; Sadist. That one word really sums up the essence on “Basement.” Plus, the cover is creepy! Check it out at:

Here’s the announcement about India:

Amazon set to launch services in India next year

Ishan Srivastava, TNN Jul 26, 2011, 11.04am IST

CHENNAI: World's largest online retailer, is set to enter India, riding on the second wave of ecommerce boom in India. Amazon is in discussions with leading Indian e-commerce players like, and, among others and may enter the market as early as the first quarter of next year.

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