"An Honor Just to be Nominated" for YWO's Book of the Year

A tad bittersweet coming in second though...

Just found out that "Frame-Up," my recently completed crime thriller co-written with Brad Schoenfeld took first runner up in a well-known British-based competition for unpublished writers in all genres.

The contest is run by a site called YouWriteOn, or YWO for short, which is sponsored by the British Arts Council. It's at http://www.youwriteon.com/

One gets nominated by one's peers at the site (and there must be a couple thousand entries each year) based on how highly your opening chapters are ranked numerically, but the judging for book of the year is done by editors from Random House UK and Orion and such using a synopsis as well. The winner got a two-book deal with Orion.

Can you hear me now, major publishers? I'm knocking here!

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