After yesterday's news about my publisher and I parting ways, I figured it was a good time to do three things:

1) Head to the grocery store for some frozen Prozac. Sawbones says drinking is bad for the kidney they plugged into me a couple years back, so I opted for the healthy choice of Ben & Jerry's. The other option was a can of paint thinner, and I enjoy my brain cells red and meaty.

2) Cash in an Amazon gift card to finally download Ramsay Midwood's newest album, Larry Buys a Lighter. He's in top form, mumble-singing his way through quirky folk lyrics about the almost-damned.

3) A change in direction should start with the website. I wanted more of a blog feel and a generic header. Webs had a nice template for writers. I wasn't feeling too crazy, so I went with its clean and simple layout. I like it. It's a lot easier to read than the old version.

As for writing projects, there's plenty to do in light of yesterday. I'm already in talks with another publisher about my crime thriller novel, Cleansing Eden.

Maynard Soloman stories need formatting, and the new one needs completing.

My non-fiction title, A Crime Writer's Guide to Firearms and Knives, is just about finished. I plan on self-pubbing it. I'm so excited. Here's the description that will go into Amazon:

This easy-to-read reference puts in plain English the basics of firearms and knives common in crime fiction. Writers with limited first-hand experience will quickly understand how to write accurate weapons into their stories.

Busted myths include:

* Pumping a shotgun for dramatic effect actually makes characters look less intimidating.

* Characters who cock the hammer on a handgun to show they mean business are more likely to wind up dead.

* Switchblades are one of the worst weapons a character can use in a fight.

Benjamin Sobieck is a full-time online editor for respected weapons-centric publications Gun Digest, BLADE, Tactical Gear, Deer & Deer Hunting, Turkey & Turkey Hunting and Predator Hunting.

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