Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we have another incredible week on The G-ZONE: #1 Best-Selling authors, a Christian/Inspirational panel, one of the “Dark Pages Deadly Dozen”, and a noted horror author. Here is the line-up:

Monday-November 21, 4pm EST- John Weisman and Julia Madeleine

Tuesday- November 22- no show, I am peeling 20lbs. of potatoes for Thanksgiving. I am one of the steady QB’s for the Family football game, I need my throwing arm well rested, that and I wanted to see if you are paying attention. Just checking, but I am peeling the spuds.

Weds. November 23- Heath Lowrance-4pm EST

Thursday-Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

Friday- November 25- Amazon Kindle #1 Best-Selling author Karen Anna Vogel, Kathi Macai, Karen Malena, Roger Rheinheimer, Mark Miller

Here is the general link for the show:

The call in number to ask questions is: 1-949-270-5955


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