I like to share comments about my work. Today I'd like to introduce Romas Laskauska. I signed a copy of The Troubleshooter for Romas at a recent book signing at the Borders in Baltimore Washington International Airport. He later wrote to say why he liked the book and that he had ordered two more of my novels. He also asked in what order he should read them.

My novels are not really sequential but it is a popular question. So for all those who are curious, they don't need to be read in the order they were published. Here's the order they were written in: The Troubleshooter, Blood and Bone, Collateral Damage, Damaged Goods and Russian Roulette.

For his kindness, and the excuse to share the best reading order, I have posted Romas' comments as this week's featured review – http://www.ascamacho.com

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