I think I've introduced you to Loretta Craig before, and she’s back with another book review.

I first met Loretta in April at a writer's event. She is an aspiring mystery author although we might not know when she hits the best seller list because there's already a mystery writer with the same name.

To my great joy, Loretta became a fan. She read The Troubleshooter and reviewed it. When Russian Roulette was released she did the same. And now she’s sent a nice note about Blood and Bone.

Because Loretta is a regular reader and Hannibal Jones lover, I've made her latest note the featured review on my main web site. Thank you, Loretta, for sticking with us and I can’t wait to see what you have to say about the remaining two novels.

Read Loretta Craig's review of Blood and Bone.
- http://www.ascamacho.com/

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