I recently got a review from my friend Sandra, who writes under the pen name B. Swangin Webster.

I met Sandra some months ago when we signed books at the same store. She picked up a copy of Blood and Bone and promised to share her opinion. But as sometimes happens, she was swamped by all the events she attended promoting her first urban romance novel, “http://www.amazon.com/Let-Me-Just-Say-This/dp/160813475X/ref=sr_1_1..." target="_blank">Let Me Just Say This.” Not long ago she attended an author expo in Cumberland, MD, where I signed last week. The event reminded her of me so she sat down and wrote a really nice review.

I want to thank Sandra for the review, and for telling me that she reads my newsletter before her morning paper! I’ve posted her words as the featured review on my web site so you can see it for yourself.

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