I like to share feedback I get on my novels. Today I want to introduce you to Caroline Quinn.

I met Caroline at a book signing at Atlantic Books in Rehoboth Beach, DE back in August. She got a signed copy of Russian Roulette and when she wrote to me not long ago she said she enjoyed it. Having worked in Russian and in Washington she had a good feel for the book. She also asked who would play Hannibal on screen. Well I hope Shemar Moore (Morgan on Criminal Minds) is listening, because he has been my choice to play my character since before his current TV show debuted.

Because of her insight into the culture and the setting, I’ve made Caroline’s comments the featured review on my web site. Thanks you, Caroline, for your kind words about my novel.

Read Caroline Quinn’s review of Russian Roulette at http://www.ascamacho.com/

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