I like to share comments I receive about my work. Today I want to introduce Jay Burruss.

Jay's wife bought him a copy of Russian Roulette the last time I signed books at Borders in Waldorf, MD, and he wrote me an email praising the books. Then, to my great joy they both stopped by when I was at that store Saturday, to chat with me and get more Hannibal Jones novels.

Jay's personal path parellels Hannibal Jones' in some ways. He's about to retire from the military and will soon become a security consultant for the Defense Department. Before long I'm sure he'll start his own security firm (more like my Stark and O'Brien characters.)

I value the praise from people who know what they're talking about concerning the work my characters do. So I've posted Jay's words as the featured review on my web site.

Read Jay Burruss' review of Russian Roulette - Then order your own copy. – http://www.ascamacho.com

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