I've received a lot of comments on my books lately, so I try to share a different one here each week. Today I'd like to mention Diane Leslie.

Diane has become a pal since we met last fall at a holiday craft event. She has read her way, one at a time, through the Hannibal Jones series and has sent me a flattering note after each book. Most recently she sent a simple e-mail that said, “I finished The Troubleshooter today - another excellent book. Riveting up the end. Once again, I wish I knew Hannibal Jones - a good guy to know.” Then she asked me to send her a copy of The Payback Assignment so she could start my other series. I was happy to mail her an autographed copy.

Diane was also kind enough to post a review of Blood and Bone on Amazon.com. With so many kind comments to choose from I picked that one to be my featured review this week and posted it front-and-center on my web site. Thank you, Diane, for being such a loyal fan.

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