I like point out changes on my web site, and share reviews of my work. Today I'd like to introduce you to Steve Reeves.

Steve is the author of a thriller entitled Squawk 7500 - http://www.squawk7500thebook.com – which I reviewed for the International Thriller Writers newsletter. Steve was kind enough to return the favor by reading my latest release, Russian Roulette. While several people have posted reviews of my book on blogs or their web sites, Steve was the first I know of to give me a plug on their Facebook page!

There's nothing like getting a little praise from someone else who has been there and done that, so I've chosen Steve's words as my featured review on my web site this week. Thanks, Steve, for talking me up to your readers.

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Comment by Tom Cooke on August 13, 2009 at 1:05pm
Austin, Good words from Steve. Congrats on the good review.

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