If you’re looking for the ultimate beach read, you should treat yourself to Debbi Mack’s newest crime novel. Riptide is so riveting you might forget to turn over, but the pace is so hot you’ll want to dive in to cool down!

The action takes place in Ocean City MD, where lawyer “Sam”McRae must defend a friend accused of murder. The search for evidence to clear her friend’s name drives McRae to come up against a local businessman with more influence and power than morals. Alone against a community apparently determined to convict her friend, McRae must prove herself both smarter and tougher than ever.

Taking nothing away from Mack’s well tuned plot, what really made this book for me was Mack’s top notch protagonist. Despite being an attorney, Stephanie Ann "Sam" McRae is more Sam Spade than Perry Mason. This tough, feisty and relentless broad makes Riptide a great, fun ride. Join in on the big Facebook launch! https://www.facebook.com/austin.camacho.author#!/groups/305994622792418/

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