In this blog I like to share books I think should be in your library. Today I want to tell you about a tasty treat from Jeffrey Deaver entitled “The Bodies Left Behind.”

For me Deaver is a local author and I’ve followed his quadriplegic criminalist Lincoln Rhyme for a long time. I love an intricate story (as you know if you read my stuff) and despite my own mammoth ego I have to say that IMHO, Deaver is the cleverest puzzle maker in print.

But now he has stepped away from the Lincoln Rhyme series to introduce us to a new sleuth, Deputy Brynn Mackenzie. Deaver handles female protagonists nicely, and the extended chase scene with Brynn pursued by two armed killers is so good you almost forget for a minute that everything Deaver does is to drive the plot. So when Brynn finds another woman in the wilderness, and she is also running from the killers, it is just the leading edge of a long roller coaster ride of surprises. Again Deaver shows us that he is a mystery writer’s mystery writer, but don’t worry. If you’re just a fan you’ll love it too.

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