I like to point out volumes that you may want to add to your library. This week I want to steer you to Watchlist, a book published by the International Thriller Writers, Inc. I'm not a big fan of samplers, those collections of unrelated stories by different authors, but I do like a lot of variety in my literary diet, so Watchlist appealed to me. The book features two novellas and 21 of the best thriller writers alive.

The two story ideas, and the primary characters, came from one of my favorite writers, Jeffrey Deaver. Deaver never disappoints and it must have been tough for him to let go of these stories, but we should all be glad he did because the narratives are taken up by the likes of Lee Child, S.J. Rosan , and John Gilstrap.

Don't misunderstand... it's always a thrill to see new writing from James Grady or P.J. Parrish, but the REAL fun is seeing how Joseph Finder handled Deaver's characters, or how Lisa Scottilini decided to take Deaver's storyline. This book could have come off as an authorial stunt, but instead it fires on all cylinders as a couple of fun romps put together by a who's who of thriller writers. Don't overlook this gem -

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