Golf is not my game. I can putt well, my short game isn’t so bad and I can whack the heck out of the ball off the tee, problem is that it never goes in the same direction twice. Straight is not a description I hear
much about my drives. Anthony Robinson with The American Golfer drives this
novel right up onto the green, a beautiful drive and finish to this passionate
novel that uses golf as a backdrop. There are no bogies in these pages.

Here is the description of the novel by the author from the back page: ” In The American Golfer, PGA Tour golfer Charlie Kingston, down on his luck, goes to Ireland for the summer for a much needed change of pace. What
starts out as a peaceful stay in his great-grandmothers village becomes an
adventure fraught with conflict and danger.

Charlie falls in love with Lora, a beautiful Irish woman whose husband, a wealthy Brit, owns an estate in the village with its own ultra-private golf course. When Charlie meets aging pub owner Emily Pharr,
whose memories go back to Ireland’s 1920 War of Independence with England, he
becomes involved in Ireland’s ever-simmering political scene.

The American Golfer is a novel of romance, political intrigue, and personal revelation. Set against the backdrop of Ireland and the great game of golf, it tells the story of Charlie
Kingston’s journey to awareness and self –discovery.”

Some things that I look for in a novel that has a sports element to it are does the author include too much of it? Do they know how to convey the nuances of the action? Can they adequately bring emotion to what
someone else may not enjoy and make them enjoy it? I really got into Anthony
Robinson’s ability to capture all this. I haven’t held much but a putter in my
hands in a while, but after reading this I was almost encouraged to whack a
bucket of balls. I haven’t yet, but I digress. The plotline is well constructed
and he equally cares out all the elements he set forward to do, staying the
course without straying too far into romance, history, politics or the game of
golf. Many balls so few pages, but he does it and it is nice ride.

If you haven’t golfed you will be able to appreciate this novel, if you do golf you will enjoy it that much more. I like the manner in which he used the game as a tool to deliver the rest of the story; not many
authors can do this. Focus, focus, focus. Anthony Robinson is the author of six
novels to date and he is currently working on his newest effort The Floodplain.I encourage you to
support this author and his work, click on the cover her at the post and check
it out.

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