Are you an avid reader or a blogger? Trestle Press wants you!

Are you a blogger or avid reader? I bet you are, and if you are then I would really like to have a discussion with you. Why? Well let me say that we have plenty for you to read and we have many benefits for participating. The fun stuff we do and have done. In my opinion is pretty different from just throwing a free read at you. We are looking for inclusion, your input, and sincere involvement in all that we do. The authors themselves are pretty pumped with the feedback they get and are more than happy to not just listen to your thoughts on their hard work, but take your input to heart and keep you involved in their future projects. This is just one small part of what we do and how we go about making you part of the process.

Do me a favor, shoot me an email, and tell me what your favorite genres are; chances are I have something to meet your taste and slack that thirst of good quality reads time and time again. Besides I think I am a bit known for having fun. Email me and let’s see what we can do together; chances are you will enjoy it and have fun too.             

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