Yesterday was one of those rare perfect days, it started with a delicious cup of coffee, breakfast with my daughter Dina and the Port Clinton Art Fair, shopping at Old Orchard and dinner at Zapatista's, a really good local Mexican Restaurant, after which we collapsed on the couch and watched Murdoch.

The fair is one of my favorites, and this year it was truly fantastic with many new artists and some very original pieces. We were there by nine thirty, half hour before the start but most artists were already set up, and this way we beat the crowds. By the time we left, around twelve thirty the place was packed.

An outdoor art fair is the perfect place to see what is going on in the art world at a much less intimidating set up than let's say, walking into a gallery. Although, I've gotten very good at saying I'm just browsing, still the open art fair is the perfect place to chat up an artist, thank them and if you like the work, acknowledge their efforts.

The photos are not great, the glaring sun didn't help my efforts, but I found a new artist whose work I admire and I asked if I could take pictures, he graciously allowed me to do so. Check out

Till next time,

Margot Justes

A Hotel in Paris

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