The week has been bad on the front lines of Personal Life. But last night I spoke at a small library to a small crowd of the nicest, most involved readers I've met in a while. It was a mixed audience: some aspiring writers, some mystery lovers, a writing teacher, and a couple of ladies who spoke mostly Polish but smiled a lot and loved the fact that they each won a book to take home with them. The group was lively and the questions were intelligent. Suddenly I'm pretty sure I can make it through June.

People who love to read are fun to be around. They won't agree on who is the best writer or what is the best series, but they're always willing to talk about it. As one man said after my talk, "It was just an hour, but we could have gone on a lot longer."

It's gratifying to be praised as a speaker. It's important to create interest in the books I write. But honestly, the most fun for me is talking with readers (and writers) about mysteries, books, and authors.

If only I could make a living doing that!

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