The bottom line of my book’s opening event at Borders in Waldorf MD was that it was an unqualified success. They made it a special event with trays of snacks and yummy soft drinks and helium filled balloons. And I was pleasantly surprised at how many people took a copy of Russian Roulette AND one of my back list novels. Big props to manager Missy Robinson for pulling it together on short notice when we learned the Borders Express in the nearby mall couldn’t host me as planned. And if you missed it, they have a few signed copies of each of my novels in the store. Go get them!

Meanwhile the Russian Roulette blog tour continued strong. I provided info about Russian Roulette on Acme Authors Link.

And I talked about the importance of character names and how I choose them on the Make Mine Mystery blog.

I shared more info about Russian Roulette on The Little Blog of Murder‏.

And yesterday I was interviewed live on internet radio by fellow mystery author Morgan Mandel on her show, Books, Blogs, Dogs, Networking & Life.

This one wasn’t a personal appearance, but my good friends over at the Maryland Writers Association posted the book trailer and promo for Russian Roulette on the association blog, for which I am very grateful.

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