It was an exciting week for this author. Just yesterday I attended the annual Washington Writers Conference, and I think it was the best one yet. I sat on a panel of experts discussing book marketing, which was a big hit. I also attended some very informative sessions, made some great connections including a possible new agent, and spent time with some good friends who are fellow authors.

Earlier in the week I was a panel member at the monthly dinner meeting put on by the Mid-Atlantic chapter of Mystery Writers of America. I go to talk about "Bad Cop, No Donut," a collection of tales of cops behaving badly, which includes one of my short stories. Along with three other writers and the cover artist, I answered questions about the book and how we pulled it together. My story doesn't feature Hannibal Jones, but it is about Orson Rissik, the police detective who appears in almost all of the Hannibal novels. Real fans will want to see him in his first solo outing.

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