I always enjoy having lunch with the Belvoir Officers Spouses Club, and last week was no exception. I did sign books there, but the turkey was the best part of that event.

The same group sponsored the Holiday Craft Boutique and Family Fun Fest Saturday. The George Mason field house was jammed with 150 vendors. I signed another bunch of books while enjoying the live music and performances. Another good time!

And I am featured in the video produced by Book Case TV from interviews shot at Thrillerfest along with Sandra Brown, Douglas Preston, Lee Child, Richard North Patterson, John Sandford, M J Rose and Steve Berry. Check it out! http://a002-vod.nyc.gov/html/recent.php?id=1839 

If you enjoy the video you should click over to my blog, Another Writer’s Life. Today guest blogger Sara Dawkins is a busy nanny as well as an active freelance writer who shares what she has learned about writing blogs - http://ascamacho.blogspot.com 

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