Yesterday it seemed there were few people in town – at least book buying people. Borders in Gateway Center was unusually quiet. Still, many of the people who did come to the store stopped to chat with me and a surprising number went home with one of my novels. It turned out to be a very good book signing.

Also this week my novel Russian Roulette received yet another rave review, this time on the online Washington DC Examiner. Margaret Oleksa writes a column there as the Richmond Books Examiner and does a great job of covering Virginia authors. She said some very nice things about my latest novel which I’m eager to share.

Also, as part of the lead up to Bouchercon 2009, many of the authors who will attend were invited to post on Bethany Warner’s “Word Nerd” blog. I’ll be moderating a panel on 21st Century Private Eyes at the convention next month so I was pleased to write a bit about getting published.

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