I signed a lot of books and made a bunch of new friends in the last few days. During the 3-day weekend the Borders chain welcomed me in Silver Spring and Waldorf, MD, and Manassas, VA. I want to thank all those managers for making me feel welcome, for promoting me to their customers, and most of all for ordering my novels!

Also last week, our pet Princess the Wonder Cat received her first fan letter. It came from a miniature long-haired dachshund named Princess Primrose. Princess said her mum met me at Borders in Manassas Saturday. Our Princess was so excited that she insisted that my lovely wife (and webmaster) Denise build her a web page where she can show off her new friend’s photos. She hopes other mystery loving pets will send their pictures in as well.

Check out Princess’ new web page. - http://www.ascamacho.com/princess.htm

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