Friday afternoon at Borders in Washington Dulles International Airport was another fun time of ups and downs as the store filled up after a landing, then thinned out for a while. I got to send my novels off to Zimbabwe and Ghana, among other places.

Saturday I hopped up to Baltimore to read from my story in Maryland Writers Association anthology. It was an intimate little group at the Roland Park Branch Library, but since I’m a fan of many of the other authors in the book I get a kick out of hearing them read their work.

The big news today is that my web site is finally back on line. A lot has changed since the last time you saw it, including a featured review from Tina Vicini who I talked to at the Love is Murder mystery convention. Tina was one of the few people who knew right off the bat that my character was named after the Hannibal who marched over the Alps to attack the Roman Empire. Not everything works just right yet, but the two most important things are in place.

The most important thing for me is the link in the middle of the page that allows you to e-mail me. This is how you can send me feedback about my writing, and I will always respond. You should send your friends to that link so they can ask to receive my newsletter. That way they’ll always get the latest update on my travels and the progress of my writing.

The most important thing to you is the Big Book Giveaway link. Click that and you will find out how you can get an advance copy of Russian Roulette. You’ll not only get to read my latest novel before everyone else, but you’ll get it for free!

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