Keeping up with the “Call Me Smitty” series has been a real pleasure for me. I guess that is a funny thing to say about reading about an assassin or hitman right? The pleasure in it is not the carnage and death, the ethical questions it brings up, the constant ponderings as to whether Smitty is a good guy or a bad guy, but in the ability of the author. B.R. Stateman’s unique ability to craft a story, to draw me in, to get inside my head and make me ask those questions time and time again. This is the joy in the read for me. He has a gift for taking the tired, old, mundane plotline and potential stereotypical character and making them not just better but amazingly so.

Smitty is an enigma and a question unto himself. The manner in which he goes about his business and dispatches “justice” as he sees fit has always kept me on my toes. I can feel the author’s enthusiasm for his character as none of the words are pedestrian. The action is emotional, gripping and at times I think one could include sensual, of course in a manly way. I really don’t want Smitty showing up at my door asking me a question about that one. I think you can understand what I mean when I write that, B.R. Stateham just loves his characters; he loves to have Smitty flow out of him, and the words are nothing short of one firecracker after another. The winner in all this is us the reader. I have read each and every one of the series, feel they are some of the best if not the best digital short stories and novella’s I have read, and the best part of all this is yet to come.

Right now, until month’s end, Trestle Press is making an offer to each and every person on this planet. They want you as a reader! They make no bones about it, they want you to read the work of their authors and they are willing right now, until the end of September to do something about it. They are giving away 6 stories right off the bat, no questions asked, no strings attached. The Author’s Lab/Collaboration series is celebrating its 6 month anniversary as a series, so they are giving away six stories. ALSO, they are offering buy on get one free, BOGO, on all their titles. So, if you purchase “Three Deadly Sins” and you send your proof of purchase to B.R. Stateham or me, we will be happy to send you another Trestle Press title of your choice of equal cost (or less). We will be glad to do it; we are proud of our authors, their work, and we sincerely want you as a reader. Join us please.

Check out the newest releases from Trestle Press: April Pohren ”Welcome to the Land of Insanity” , Angelique LaFontaine & Eddie Frantom ”Thirty -1: Salvation”, B.R. Stateham ”Insatiable” from the “Drunk on the Moon” series by Paul D. Brazill, David Hoof ”Sharpshooter”, Karen Anna Vogel “The Amish Knitting Circle”, Lisa Taylor “Shana Black: The Invention” , Mark Cooper “Infection” ,Mark Cooper “How I met Your Mother: First Date”, De Miller “12 Steps” volume 2 of the “One” series by Mark Miller, Sam Lang “Reprisal: Shadow Boxing” volume 3, Michelle Vasquez “’Til Death Do Us Part”, Darren Sant ”Community Spirit” volume 2 of “The Tales of the Longcroft Estates”, J.E. Seymour “Pale Horse”, Tom Sumner “All I wanted was a Haircut #5”, Jeffrey Martin & Giovanni Gelati from The Author’s Lab/Collaboration series “Forsaken”, CQ Scafidi “Time Couriers” (Barnes & Noble’s Nook version), Darren Sant “Flashes of Revenge”,S.L. Schmidtz “Mina’s Daughter…The Harker Chronicles, Vol.1”, Chantal Boudreau “Weird,Wicked & Wonderful: Technopathy ,Volume 2”, Werner Lind & Giovanni Gelati from The Author’s Lab/Collaboration series “Mrs. G’s Vampires” , Sam Lang & Giovanni Gelati “Two John’s” from The Author’s Lab/Collaboration series.          

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