Barry Eisler and a Full Week of Fun on The G-ZONE

I have a blogtalk radio show; I call it The G-ZONE, and this week there is going to be plenty of fun for just about everybody. The line-up this week goes from Christian based authors to bocce to graphic novels  to one of the book industries currently most talked about authors, a Titan in the thriller/action/suspense genre, Barry Eisler( I am a huge fan if you didn’t know). Without further ado, here is the lineup for the week all times are EST:

Monday: Brian Goins 12pm

Tuesday: Darren Sant 2pm- he has two new releases to add to his Amazon Kindle Top 100 Best- seller  “A Good Day”(The Longcroft Estates series Vol.1), “Community Spirit” (also part of The Longcroft Estates series, it is vol.2) and “Flashes of Revenge” a flash fiction anthology.

Wednesday- Charleston Bocce League 12pm- I am forming relationships with bocce leagues all across this great land of ours. Bocce is an excellent family sport and great fun. Their motto is : “If you have the time…we have the balls.” I love it! But the question needs to be asked do they play with Chrome Balls also? We will find out.

Thursday- a Twin bill of fun – Barry Eisler at 12pm. We will be discussing his new release “The Detachment” as well as many other things. After we finish chatting with Barry Eisler we will have David Hoof step into the The G-Zone. We will be discussing his newest release “Sharpshooter” and what he has on the horizon after that.

Friday- David Doub 12pm- I love graphic novels and we will be discussing them with David.

I think that does it for this week. If you have any questions for the authors ,feel free to email them to me, message me on whatever social network you find me, or call in and be part of the fun, why not? Here is the number for the show to call into and my email address:


 Check out the newest releases from Trestle Press: April Pohren ”Welcome to the Land of Insanity” , Angelique LaFontaine & Eddie Frantom ”Thirty -1: Salvation”, B.R. Stateham ”Insatiable” from the “Drunk on the Moon” series by Paul D. Brazill, David Hoof ”Sharpshooter”, Karen Anna Vogel “The Amish Knitting Circle”, Lisa Taylor “Shana Black: The Invention” , Mark Cooper “Infection” ,Mark Cooper “How I met Your Mother: First Date”, De Miller “12 Steps” volume 2 of the “One” series by Mark Miller, Sam Lang “Reprisal: Shadow Boxing” volume 3, Michelle Vasquez “’Til Death Do Us Part”, Darren Sant ”Community Spirit” volume 2 of “The Tales of the Longcroft Estates”, J.E. Seymour “Pale Horse”, Tom Sumner “All I wanted was a Haircut #5”, Jeffrey Martin & Giovanni Gelati from The Author’s Lab/Collaboration series “Forsaken”, CQ Scafidi “Time Couriers” (Barnes & Noble’s Nook version), Darren Sant “Flashes of Revenge”,S.L. Schmidtz “Mina’s Daughter…The Harker Chronicles: The Wolf Vol.1”, Chantal Boudreau “Weird,Wicked & Wonderful: Technopathy ,Volume 2”, Werner Lind & Giovanni Gelati from The Author’s Lab/Collaboration series “Mrs. G’s Vampires”                      

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