Sorry not to have been here almost for all of the Fall. Been too stressful, with everything flying in air at the same time - and I literally mean it. (Umm, no, not the things flying in the air part... That hasn't happened. Yet. We'll keep our fingers crossed.)

The paperback line was delayed, but Duane's and Al's books are coming out in March and April. Kevin Wignall's Who Is Conrad Hirst? (which is one of the best thrillers I've ever read) should follow in June. Then come James Sallis's Drive and Scott Phillips's The Ice Harvest. Man, if these are the only books that will be published in the line I'm so happy, since they are great books and really deserve to be translated.

"If"? Yes, there hasn't been much enthusiasm about this with the Finnish bookshops and the presales have been pretty low, but we are hoping for good word-of-mouth and all that kind of stuff.

In the meantime, I'm rereading Ross Macdonald's The Instant Enemy (1968), which I once though was worse than the other Lew Archers, but now I notice the Finnish translation from the early seventies just isn't very good. Nevertheless, a great novel, like almost everything Macdonald wrote. I truly wish he'd be better known. Once he was one of the greats - still is, in my opinion. I'll try to write more fully about this in my Pulpetti blog, stay tuned. (Don't you think there's already too much of this Web 2.0 thing? Blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter... oh yeah, I have a Twitter account, at

I'm also putting together an all-female issue of Isku, my crime fiction fanzine, with stories by Patti Abbott and Sandra Ruttan, alongside Finnish stories, both original and reprint. (It's not actually all-female, since I'm in, but I wrote my usual Joe Novak story from the view point of a woman, talking to a shrink about his affairs with Novak.)

Happy Yuletide to everyone!

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