Behind the Scenes with Serial Killers – Q & A with Emily Stone

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Emily Stone is a woman with three independent novel adventures and a growing list of captured serial killers to prove it.   Every case, every missing child, and every serial killer stalking victims on the west coast is scrutinized by this woman.

It’s her life calling and she wears the badge of honor as a phantom detective and angel of justice.  With each new case, she hones her investigative skills and continues to compile a growing list of serial killer profiles.

I have managed to corner my heroine character Emily Stone again, and that’s difficult to do with her schedule, to ask her some questions that have been posed recently by readers.


JC: Why do you hunt serial killers?

Emily Stone:  Why not?  I conduct my crime scene investigation and criminal profile, anonymously and covertly of course, and email my entire investigation to the detective in charge of the case.  I know how the investigations typically go with local police departments.  There’s generally a lack of training for these complex cases, too much media interference when the case is deemed a “serial killer case”, and the lack of qualified work force to conduct these types of investigations with dogged integrity.  So many times the F.B.I. must intervene, but don’t get me started on that topic.

Jennifer, I think the better question is… What can we do to stop these predators before they become serial killers and shatter lives?

JC: How do you make a living?

Emily Stone: Do I ask you about your bank account and how you spend your money?  Well, I can put the readers at ease and not to worry about how I pay for monthly expenses and a few nice computer gadgets to help with my cases.  In Compulsion, it was first disclosed that my uncle who looked after me when my parents were murdered made some solid investments, along with family money, and his royalties from awesome patents keep me hunting serial killers. My finances are lightly touched upon in Dead Game and Dark Mind.  In addition, the love of my life Rick Lopez retired from a police department to take up my quest and has a pension with a comfortable savings.

JC: Will you ever go back to being a police officer or maybe become a FBI agent?

Emily Stone:  No, never.  That’s all I’m going to say on the subject.

JC: What’s the toughest part of being a serial killer hunter?

Emily Stone:  The physical and mental challenges of conducting the investigations after the police have finished with their process pushes me to my limits.  Some days I even question my own abilities.  It’s grueling and dangerous, and you never know what or who is around the next corner.  You never know if it’s going to be the day you lose your life.  Every serial case and every child abduction takes a piece of my soul with it.  Even with my 90% solve rate, it still does not factor in what it has taken from my life.  Nevertheless, if I had it all to do over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

JC: What scares you?

Emily Stone:  I cannot answer that question in all honesty because I would be giving away some of my secrets, not to mention my creator’s secrets too.  What I can say is that I hate feeling vulnerable and sometimes very alone in my quest.


Emily Stone Thriller Series:

COMPULSION (2009 Evvy Award Nominee)

DEAD GAME (2010 Thriller Award Winner at Readers Favorite)

DARK MIND (2012 Action Award Winner at Readers Favorite)


Now, here is a rare chance to ask Emily Stone any question that has been nagging at you.  Please feel free to post your question and I will forward it on to Emily and post her response.


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