Benjamin Sobieck “Maynard Soloman and the Job Nabbin' Illegal Immigrants”

I don’t know at times what to say about this series by Benjamin Sobieck. Maynard Soloman is so funny, his views so skewed,  and his politics so out there, that one can only help but laugh their butt off when reading this.

True Story: I was reading this on my Kindle waiting to pick up my youngest daughter at school. I was laughing so hard reading the bonus material, the recipe for Maynard’s Hamburgers, that I was getting those sideways glances. I really didn’t care; sometimes you just have to laugh and it felt good, really good. The recipe in and of itself was worth the $.99.

I am going to have to believe somewhere along the line not only will Benjamin Sobieck find the audience that he and Maynard deserve but he will win some type of award for the amazing prose he writes. That is what keeps me reading the stories, his ability to just write the funniest lines I have read in a while. The laughs just keep coming; it is just amazing. In another post coming soon Benjamin Sobieck will have an announcement to share about the series so stay tuned.

Here is the synopsis:

“Maynard Soloman, a profane yet clueless private investigator, is hired to track down something important stolen from his client: A job. The culprit: Illegal immigrants. Or are they?

In this fast-paced piece of crime fiction humor, Maynard Soloman dishes his special brand of crankiness to both sides of the border.

Fans of detective stories, as well as fans of political satire like "The Daily Show" or "The Colbert Report," will find plenty to like in this hilarious misadventure from author Benjamin Sobieck and Trestle Press.

BONUS: This short story also contains Maynard's special recipe for hamburgers. You won't want to miss it!  “        


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Comment by Benjamin Sobieck on November 11, 2011 at 12:13am

You, sir, are too kind. I'll have a formal announcement soon.

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