Best Writers Conference and ME on a Bestseller List!

It seems redundant to say that I had a great time at the Bay to Ocean writer’s conference. I do every year. My presentation was well received, I signed a good number of books, and I got to critique four promising future authors. This is a good place to officially thank all the folks involved with running that super event every year. It is a winner.

I also had a book signing at the Borders Express in Waldorf, MD. I’ll be making monthly stops there until June because this is the store that will first introduce the new book, Russian Roulette. The friendly atmosphere and the people there won me over.

But the big news for me this week is that I appeared on a best seller list… sort of.

Regular readers know that I contributed the lead story to an anthology, “DYING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND.” This was the third in a series of holiday crime fiction anthologies and like its predecessors, all the profits from the book went to the Toys for Tots Foundation. This week, when the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association announced their 2008 bestseller list, the anthology was in the top ten. I was proud to be part of the project before. Now I’m downright ecstatic.

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