Beware! 'Pestilence' now available with your groceries

I'm delighted that readers in the UK can now obtain the paperback edition of my new release Pestilence' from no less than so it's now possible to order your weekly groceries and a copy of the book at the same time. Of course, you could just drop in and order the book, and forget the

Pestilence is of course available from a number of sources, both in the UK and USA, as follows: (Canada)
Double Dragon Publishing
Better World Books
Barnes & Noble
W H Smith
The Book Depository (UK)
Foyles Bookstores
Powell's Books

"Brian L Porter's Pestilence is a classic!" Lutz Barz, Australian Author/Reviewer

Pestilence….breathe if you dare!

The year is 1958, the place, an idyllic village in the heart of the English
countryside. Olney St. Mary has stood in its peaceful rural location
for over 900 years. Suddenly however, the peace of the community is
shattered when two teenage boys are stricken with a mystery illness.
The newly arrived village doctor suspects ‘flu to be the cause of their
malady. Her initial diagnosis is terribly and tragically wrong!

Before long, Doctor Hilary Newton and the residents of Olney are plunged into
a nightmare of Biblical proportions as the death toll rises and no cure
can be found for the disease that ravages the local population,
the doctors employing the latest antibiotics available to them.
Somehow, this plague is different! Help arrives in the form of a
medical team from the outside, but the bodies continue to pile up.
Someone, somewhere, perhaps within the community itself, knows the
reason behind the pestilence that has struck at the heart of the
village, but will the medics learn the truth before it’s too late, or
will they too join the growing list of names that appear on the roll of
death roll in Olney St. Mary?

When a mysterious explosion wreaks havoc in the children’s playground,
followed by a second lethal blast in Olney’s makeshift field hospital
the sinister and unbelievable truth behind the pestilence begins to
slowly reveal itself.

Award-winning author Brian L Porter takes terror to a new dimension as an age old horror returns to nineteen fifties rural England. This time however, the pestilence itself appears to have evolved!

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