Big Discount on Behind Closed Doors at (And the animal sanctuary still receives a full donation)

My new novel, Behind Closed Doors, the sales of which will help the Mayflower Animal Sanctuary, just received its first reader review at and it was a fantastic, 5 star one as well. Amazon are now also offering the book at a whopping 28% discount for the paperback, making the current price just $12.23

Here's what the new review said:

5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent read,
This review is from: Behind Closed Doors (Paperback)

It is the year 1888. London is already in a panic due to the deaths of several women by Jack the Ripper. Therefore, when a respectable, young woman is found stabbed in a carriage on the new London underground railway, Inspector Albert Norris is asked to take charge of finding and apprehending the killer. However, he is told the whole case must be carried out in secret and kept away from prying journalists, as the authorities fear people may turn away from using the new railway system. But when another murder takes place on the railway, the inspector's frustration at having to work with his hands tied behind his back, begins to show through,
This is an excellent and nail-biting read. Brian L Porter's portrayal of Inspector Norris, a decent policeman, who is asked to do the impossible, is superb. How can a detective keep a murder enquiry quiet? But more importantly, how can he solve the crime, when the authorities won't even allow him to interview suspects? Also, the author's vivid descriptions of the Victorian era are brilliant. The scenes of Ripper London are brought to life on the page. I don't want to say more for fear of spoiling it for someone. Enough to say that the story is suspenseful right up until the very end, only then is the truth about the deaths of these victims revealed. A must for all thriller fans everywhere.
Eileen Thornton Author of The Trojan Project

The book is available at Barnes & Noble and many other online retailers.

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