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Last Sunday, I shared with you a series of novels I thought would make you laugh and cringe at the same time. This week I have a novel for you that have recently been released in paperback, Joseph Finder’s Vanished. To
say I am a fan is an understatement. I have read all his novels and always look
forward to the next. So, if you wish, click off here, thinking I am a homer, see
you tomorrow, maybe. Me being the
Yankees fan I was raised to be, always can find something wrong with things in

Vanished is an absorbing read. I am consistently amazed by the element of detail that Joseph Finder adds to his novels. It sets him apart from others in the genre and he seems to raise his game with each new novel.
The plot line of Vanished has us experiencing the collision of three fractured,
damaged people, in a father and his two sons. The force and speed to which
Finder narrates the story puts them on a course that would seemingly find them
in an atom smasher. I personally enjoyed the whole thing. Reading about a fast
moving train wreck and being an innocent bystander isn’t a bad thing when there
are no real life fatalities.

I am hard pressed to name more than a handful of authors that are in Joseph Finders stratus in this genre. Getting a novel of his that one has not read is truly a pleasure. If you haven’t discovered him for
whatever reason, do yourself a favor and pick up any of his many titles. Here
are a few: Paranoia, Power Play, Killer Instinct, Company Man, No Hiding Place.
I don’t hesitate to say to put them in your Goodreads or Shelfari –to read –
lists. FYI- for Finder fans , if you didn’t know, he is one of the contributing
authors of a short story to the Agents of Treachery novel that was recently
released. You can check our archives for my thoughts on that. Joseph Finder’s
newest novel, Buried Secrets, is due out in the spring of 2011, which I look
forward to reading.

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