Blast From the Past Tim Dorsey Gator A-Go-Go

Serge Storm is as good an offbeat character as they get. How can I categorize Tim Dorsey’s work? It’s action packed, filled with history, incredible narrative, totally humorous, well-constructed, and imaginative in
manner of executions (I mean people), and great covers. I could go on for it
seems hours, days or weeks. I have read all his work and must say I for one
have enjoyed the crazy gonzo ride with Serge and Coleman.

My wife doesn’t even have to ask which author I reading when I have one of Tim Dorsey’s novels in my hand. I laugh out loud so much it is annoying; I can’t help it though. Gator A-Go-Go is his best work in my
estimation. I got to read this in January and we had plenty of snow on the
ground; in fact it was near blizzard conditions when I got to read it. I loved
it, sunny Florida, the history of it according to Serge Storm, and me waist
deep in snow laughing my rump off. Coleman as always is on a tangent showing
the uninitiated spring break newbies how to take care of their beer and drugs
so as to keep it cold and away from the police.

The usual frivolity and madcap fun ensues and the reader is sucked into Serge’s romp through Florida, killing people as he goes, in a manner most would not think or conceive. The description by Tim Dorsey is
amazing and made me feel like I was cruising along with Serge. It is a big part
of why I enjoy his work so much. e HH
He has an ability to not only put me there in Florida, but to feel it and enjoy.
The manner in which he constructs and executes his plotline is awesome, no
matter how out there Serge and Coleman get. Dorsey ties each knot up and brings
it to an unbelievably concise ending. I always want more. I can never seem to
put it down once I open it up, and I can’t wait till the next installment. What
more as a reader could we ask for? I don’t hesitate to say put this in your
Goodreads & Shelfari –to read- list. The ride that awaits you is fast,
gonzo and laugh out loud.

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