Damascena posted this on Amazon.com about Blood and Bone:

“One of my personal delights is to find, and read, early works by favorite authors. I like to see how they started out, and along what lines they developed and matured. Sometimes the early books are a bit disappointing, and when they aren't, I feel as though I've found buried treasure. This is the case with Blood and bone. True, I can see how the author has fine tuned his writing and characterizations, and developed his story telling into a very fine art, but, early work or not, this is a really good book.

As always, the story is rich and complicated, filled with twists, turns and surprises ..and no, I did not see the ending coming until maybe a page before it was revealed. There is lots and lots of excitement, including a couple of chases which would have made me hold my breath, if I could have done so for several pages. The book is also filled with texture, too, in the form of back story, setting detail, and vivid descriptive passages. In short, this is a beautifully and lovingly crafted book, and it shows.

The writing will develop even more depth in later books, and, as this author gains confidence, which he certainly does, there will be times when that writing kisses the line between prose and poetry, especially when he is describing something, but the writing here is extremely good, and the use of language, the pacing, and the cadence of the prose are admirable.

Had this been the first book I'd read by this author, I would have been prowling Amazon for more, just as I do now. this is one of the strongest early efforts I've read by any author, and it is so good that, if you didn't know this fact, you probably wouldn't have guessed.”- http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Bone-Hannibal-Jones-Mysteries/dp/159080...

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