Someone sent me one of those quizzes where you have to do something that reveals, at least theoretically, the sort of person you are. This one asked for 15 books that have stuck with me, and the instructions were to make a list quickly, without spending a lot of time thinking about it.

It was an interesting mix that emerged, but just as interesting is the residual effect, where other books crop up that might have been included. How did I fail to include any of James Michener's works? Maybe because I could never pick just one out of the many. Same with James Clavell, although I loved them all at the time I read them. And how did I forget Carl Sagan's CONTACT? And surely books I liked as a young person, like those rousing Frank Yerby novels, pale when read with adult eyes. Will books I have read and enjoyed recently stick with me, or am I at the point where there's nothing new under the sun anymore?

It's odd that some books that made the list were deep, like THE DANCING WU LI MASTERS, while others were pretty superficial, like THE G-STRING MURDERS. Most were historical, which I suppose is understandable and goes toward explaining my penchant for writing historicals as well. All in all I've come to one conclusion that's a little cliche, but true nevertheless: there's no such thing as a favorite book for me, or even fifteen of them. There are just too many good ones out there.

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