Thanks to the tireless efforts of my designer, Byron McConnell, and all those who have seen the cover and commented on it, the NP cover is now complete. I opted to go for the techy, iconic look instead of cheapening the story with a blood splatter or other typical genre icons, like guns and knives. My hope is to lure folks who love computers and technology into the Mystery genre with a high-tech story about that features a programmer sleuth.

It is a gamble that could pay off handsomely or may shoot me down in flames. We shall see. I wrote the novel for geeks and fellow programmers because I thought the minds of technology people were uniquely equipped to enjoy a good mystery. I know this because I am a geek and a former programmer and the story interested me enough to write it. So far, those in IT who have read it, have liked it. A good omen.

The second audience that I hope to appeal to are local mystery readers. So I will be working with local independent bookstores in my home town to arrange a release party and several book signings. I'm also hosting a Photo Walk for all the locations featured in the book. To help out the photographers, I created a Google Map of the places mentioned in the book. Already a few pictures have come in and I hope more will follow.

My Twitter posts and blog posts are focusing on technology and writing. Nothing new there, that's where my interests have always been. The key is to keep it going and build good relations with industry people and keep the book in their mind-space.

Meanwhile, I am looking to get the book into as many tech friendly areas as possible. That includes various ebook formats and even doing a free audiobook. The later task is proving to be very challenging to me, because a good reader I am not. But I think these kinds of things are a requirement for gaining an audience and building a readership.

I have already given sneak peeks of the book to local computer hobbyist groups and will continue to do such things locally, to generate interest in the book and myself. Next month I am attending a big local fan conference and will be doing readings, selling my books and attending panels while there.

All these things help to get my name out there locally and to build interest in the book. With any luck, I will sell a few books and gain a few new readers.

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Comment by Johnny Batch on July 13, 2009 at 2:23am
Thanks Dana, I appreciate the sentiment.
Comment by Dana King on July 13, 2009 at 1:54am
Good luck, Ken. It sounds like you're actively working to create your own niche. Good for you.

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