A lot of people flew into Washington this last weekend and I saw many of them. Things started slowly Friday at the Borders in Washington Dulles International Airport but late in the afternoon the book-hungry crowd moved in.

Saturday was an even more successful book signing at the Borders in Gateway Center. I made lots of new friends in Bowie that day.

Things were surprisingly quiet at Ronald Reagan National Airport on Sunday. Crowds were flying into the airport, but they just weren’t strolling past the Borders Express on the concourse.

In other news, I was honored by a mention on a great blog called “The Blood-Red Pencil,” a site Charlotte Phillips writes as a valuable resource for authors who need editorial help. To answer a writer’s question about how to get cover blurbs Charlotte made reference to my nonfiction book, “Successfully Marketing Your Novel in the 21st Century.” I’m always flattered by such references.

I’m also very pleased that Amazon.com has finally fixed the problems with the hardcover version of The Troubleshooter. It’s in stock and to make up for any inconvenience they’re offering it 30 percent off the normal price, so this is a good time to pick up your copy.

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