So, kicking off the week in style, Dan O'Shea's flash fiction challenge hit the interwebs like a shotgun full of rock salt. The challenge was to write a flash-fiction that took place in some sort of place of worship. All comers brought all kinds of evil, and you can check out the whole God-damned rundown right here. Christopher Grant was kind enough to host my entry, entitled Sanctuary, Hold the Sanctuary, at my home away from home, A Twist of Noir.

Then, after reading Grant's own submission to said contest, Reverberations, I found myself compelled to pen another little adventure for The Deaf Guy. Again, Christopher Grant hosted it at ATON, but not before having many kind words to say about yours truly, making me blush like Carrie White on prom night. So please enjoy Closed Captioned.

Now, I'm gonna go get drunk.

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