Child killer says he won't appeal death sentence...

No s@&! If he did appeal, I have a feeling that he would be laughed all the way to the chair.

In 1980, when Joseph Edward Duncan was a teenager, he was convicted for raping a younger boy at gunpoint and diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. So people knew he was a psychopaths back in the 80s, why let him back out on the streets? Psychopaths can't be reformed, just ask one.

Twenty years later Duncan kidnapped and tortured two siblings, Shasta, 8, and her brother Dylan, 9. During the kidnapping, he murdered their mother, her fiancé and the children's older brother. Later, he killed little Dylan but 'kept' Shasta.

Between 1997-2005, he killed 7 people. But remember everyone knew he was a psycho in the 80s. These people could have lived their lives, if not for the release of Duncan.

Oh and Duncan is an avid blogger. He has a contact outside of jail that he writes letters to, who in turns posts the letters online. I won't link to his blog, but here's some of the stuff I saw on there:

-blames tougher sex crimes laws for raising number of sex crimes in U.S.

-talks about laws of love, truth & life (collectively called the Law of William).

When answering the question "does he feel remorse?"

"Do I feel Remorse? Yes, I feel remorse for every time I gassed up my car instead of protesting the war in Iraq. I feel remorse for every time I set money to the cable company but not to help feed the millions of starving children and the world."

Sometimes, it a sad sad world we live in.


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