I've been stalled lately, and it's not all my fault. Publishing is as scary these days as everything else: will my publisher make it through the hard times? Will they slash their schedule to save money? If they do, will I be a slashee?

The uncertainty makes it difficult to decide what's next on my agenda. I should iron out the wrinkles in the sequel to Book One, but will anyone care three or four years from now when it's done with editing and all the et ceteras? I should work on the sequel to Book Two, which was sold as a series, but since it is scheduled for 2010, there's a bit of uncertainty there. Spend months on a sequel to a project that may never see the light of day? And what about those other projects, in various stages of completion; should I maybe concentrate on one of them?

Not complaining. I will survive if I never see another published work with my name on it. The fun of writing it down is still there, and faith in my ability to deliver a good story will keep me at it. But I sure would like a peep into the future to help me decide what Project Next should be.

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