"Cleansing Eden" Crime Novel Makes the Examiner.com Book Club

Examiner.com's Book Club featured my interview with Stephanie Schmitz about Cleansing Eden this morning. After getting on the national front page of Examiner.com last week, I'm not sure how much more excitement I can take.


Click here to go to the Examiner.com Book Club. If you aren't going there the morning of Oct. 26, it's probably been changed. So click here to see the saved page. If you haven't read the interview itself, click here.


This really is an honor. Examiner is a popular website, and I hope it brings exposure and sales.


That felt odd to type. I always feel weird about shameless self-promotion like this ("this" meaning telling the world how great I am or something). But I can't not tell someone. I'm in my cave all day, and the dog can't read. I'll explode if I don't share this news.


Excited. Excited. Excited.

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